Tips and Tricks

Mouse Gestures

Built-In Mouse Gestures

  • Hold the right-button pressed and use the mouse scroll – FoxTab will be launched in Flip mode
  • Click both left and right button (to be precise, hold the left-button pressed, then click on the right button).
    FoxTab will be launched in Interactive Mode
  • Take a look in the FoxTab's options window for other launching methods.

External Mouse Gestures

  • You can launch FoxTab with FireGestures add-on or Mouse Gestures Redox add-on by mapping the command foxTab.launch() to gesture read about how in these add-ons corresponding documentations
  • Mac Users: You can use the MultiClutch utility to map trackpad gestures into keyboard shortcuts.
    Read more at:




Try the following tweaks which change the way thumbnails are generated:
From FoxTab's options window ( Tools -> Add-ons -> FoxTab -> Options ) do the following:

  • Change to Portrait thumbnails view: Select the Layout pane, and check Portrait Orientation.
  • Set thumbnails to Page Scroll Position. Select the General pane -> Thumbnails Preview By -> Page Scroll Position.
    When this option is checked, thumbnails will reflect the position of the cursor in the page, in contrary to [Page top Area] which always generate thumbnails of the pages headers


You can add reflection effect to the thumbnails displayed in FoxTab.
Goto FoxTab's Options windows -> Advance and check the [Display Thumbnails Reflection] checkbox


You can fine-tune FoxTab to be launched only on certain conditions and circumstances,
goto Tools -> Add-ons -> FoxTab -> Flip mode, and apply one or more of the following settings:

  • Don't launch FoxTab if there are less than [nn] tabs opened This setting is useful if you prefer that Firefox will launch FoxTab only if there are many tabs opened, but to switch tab regulary if there are only few.
  • Don't launch FoxTab if keys are released within [nnn] ms After setting this parameter, you can instantly jump to the next tab by simply pressing and releasing Ctrl+Tab within the determined time, FoxTab will not be launched in that case.
  • Finally, you can also configure FoxTab to simply ignore the Ctrl+Tab keys, and use different combination instead.

Grouping and Filtering

When having many tabs opened, there are 2 features that makes it easier to locate a particular tab that you're interested with.
Launch FoxTab in Interactive mode, and take a look at the bottom-left area.
There are two icons that open the Grouping and Filtering panels.Grouping : Provides you with a list of the websites that are currently opened. When clicking on particular website, FoxTab displays only the tabs which were originated from that website.
Filtering : Provides you with a text box, while typing a text, FoxTab displays only those tabs whose titles or domain name contains that text.
From the FoxTab's option window -> Advance, you can set the Filtering feature to work with the page's URL rather only with it's title and domain name.