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LifeHacker: FoxTab Brings Innovative, Attractive Tab Switching to Firefox
By Adam Pash, Sep 18, 2008
http://lifehacker.com/5051868/foxtab-brings-innovative-attractive-tab-switching-to-firefoxCnet: FoxTab turns your browser tabs into a spectacle
By Josh Lowensohn, Sep 17, 2008
http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10044366-2.htmlInspYreIT : FoxTab: For Better Firefox Experience
http://www.inspyreit.com/2008/09/foxtab-for-better-firefox-experience/Firefox Facts - Better Tab Switching with FoxTab
By Mitch Keeler, Sep 16, 2008

TechnoBuzz : FoxTab adds attractive 3D tab management to Firefox

What Mozilla users say about FoxTab?

"Simply awesome. The transitions are smooth and usable. I think I've finally found a reason to use Ctrl+Tab in Firefox."
pixelator"EXCELLENT, High quality, very professional, runs smoothly, and most importantly, brings Firefox to a whole new level."
Binqa.Mo"Absolutely Superb. A must-have add-on.Its great to have some visuals in my Firefox, especially when its so useful."
EscaPal1"This is a pretty cool extension. It's definitely the most attractive one I've downloaded so far."

"The interface is spectacular, and the whole thing runs smoothly."

"Wow! One more reason why I love Firefox so much, this is amazing! The graphic is stunning, and I really like the domain feature - very useful for a quick look-up when you have a lot of tabs open from the same web site. Thank you, this is great."

"One of the nicest things to have happened to fox lately! A MUST install! And for those concerned ... worked flawlessly :D"

"I experienced pure joy upon restarting, just click a small unobtrusive button and your browsing will never be the same."

"What can I say. Perhaps one of the best add-ons available for Firefox. The UI is sleek, responsive, elegant & efficient This is a must have add-on for all firefox users."
dr mnys

"Well, now I can't possible go back to the way I surfed the web before, so I guess it's Firefox forever. Very nice, very elegant, very stylish. Very well done."

"WOW! WOW! WOW! this is, by FAR, the most beautiful Firefox add-on I've ever seen. The UI is very elegant, easy to use, fast and smooth. As a web designer, this makes my web experience much better and easier."

"Woah! I just started using FoxTab and already love it! It's perfect, 0 glitches and fast navigation. I must admit I didn't expect it to be this fast"

"Having just downloaded a different tab manager, I was skeptical. This is not only the easiest to use, but hands-down the COOLEST tab manager I've seen yet. Thank you for making my tab management less stressful. My hat is off!"

"This is awesome,marvelous, excellent. The most pleasurous add on I have ever downloaded. Kindly speaking, the 3d mode is truely loving one."
Kousik Kumar Das

"This is one of the Best addons I have seen for Firefox in many years. Thank You for this. Simple Elegant & Functional"

"Truly Outstanding!! Replaces some really excellent tab switching apps I've used before."
Mia Junk

"This is exactly what I've been waiting for. If you have been waiting for a way to quickly scroll through your tabs without using your cursor, this is the add-on you've been looking for!"
Steve Yip

"Fabulous! What a great add-on! My favorite. Just plain fun. Once you get the ctrl-q shortcut, it becomes second nature. If tabs are sliced bread, this is hot buttered toast."
The Omnist

"This thing deserves an absolute 10! It's awesome. And the different tab positions are just superb. This definately is a must-have add-on..."

"This add-on is just what I'm looking for. I's very useful and easy to use. Thank you very very much for this."

"This is quite the add on for those of us multi-tasking on the internet. FOXTAB really makes my browser experience much easier. Multiple pages being open is made simple. Several different options when using FOXTAB makes for a very cool internet browsing experience."

"This is a superb add-on... I've been looking for such a functionality for so long to be able to navigate thru the tabs more easily....gr8 wrk...!!!"

"This is by far the most useful plugin I've *ever* installed to manage my massively tabbed Firefox environment. Thanks!!!"

"Absolutely beautiful. Functional in all modes. Awesome product! I can't say enough good things about FoxTab!!!!"

"I've only had this installed for 2 days, and already it's exceeded my expectations. It's an extremely cool add-on, and one that appeals to any user that want's to quickly view all their open 'like' tabs, without the guesswork as to what page shows what. A definite 'Yes' to any browser user."
Philly Idol

"What a great add-on, simply one of the best I've seen out there. Very useful when opening a lot of tabs, really simplify web browsing, takes it to a new edge!
Eran nidam

""this is the best tab program ever I MEAN EVER I love it you can even use your mouse wheel to scroll the tabs"

"The new version has me hooked. The fact that i can activate it by pressing the left and right click at the same time has me navigating through my tabs by using Fox every time. Damn you FoxTab, now I can't do without you."

"I thought Firefox was hot before, but now It's burning Me!!! I never new this computer navigation thing could be so cool, all I can say is.... TRY IT!!!"

"It's awesome! There isn't a more fun and efficient way to manage a large number of tabs. The grouping feature is a real time-saver. Best of all, it's available for Linux. This one is a MUST HAVE for the power user!"
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