February 6

Kudos to MySearchDial

f you can’t have enough of browser extensions that organize your browsing tabs, we definitely recommend you check out MySearchDial. Although one of its features has some similarities with Foxtab – the ability to display your favorite sites in one, continuous, gorgeous layout – MySearchDial has more to offer.

For lovers of browser extensions like Foxtab, check out MySearchDial with its unique features

Take, for instance, the MySearchDial toolbar. With one click, you can access the most popular sites on the web, as you have the choice to search for videos, news, images and much more. This toolbar is forever at your beck and call, appearing on every browser window during your browsing session. Quick links to social networks and news portals are offered for your convenience.

If you’re familiar with Foxtab’s ease of customization, you’ll feel right at home with making MySearchDial truly your own. It’s up to you to determine how many of your favorite sites, which here are called “dials”, would appear on each window. You can choose the background and texture and can even use one of your own images as background. you can even decide if the site title should be displayed or not.  For example, you can create a MySearchDial fashion new tab with all your favorite fashion dials.

Because ease of search and clean design are of utmost importance, MySearchDial also offers a search engine. Just like Google’s only simpler and clutter-free. Enjoy online shopping? Make use of MySearchDial’s shopping portal, by clicking the Shopping tab on the toolbar.

You are then ushered into SaveFront, a price-comparison portal that presents you with the best online bargains on trusted sites such as Amazon and eBay. Besides the comparisons, you can check out product descriptions, as well as reviews of an unbelievable amount of items. Start your experience by going straight to the category you need, or just browse around to get your shopping juices flowing.

If you enjoy the awesome world of online games, look no further:MySearchDial has so much more to offer than dynamic bookmarking. It also includes a toolbar tab dedicated entirely to games – always fun and always free. There are so many games available there, offered at their full version and divided into categories to make the selection easier. Either delve straight to the recommended games, or go to the many other options, such as puzzles, hidden objects, fantasy games, time management games, girls’ games and card games.

posted by Sam Summers