February 1

Keeping tabs on your favorite tabs with FoxTab

Any modern web user knows the plight of having multiple tabs open on their browser. Sometimes the browser simply runs out of tab space and can’t really display all the tabs running simultaneously. And don’t get us started on how it slows down your computer.

FoxTab add-on helps you manage your favorite sites

FoxTab offers a simple, ingenious solution: a tab management add-on that’s completely free. With FoxTab’s “My Top Sites” tab, you can arrange all your favorite websites and access them in a new, exciting and intuitive way. FoxTab not only gives the user several display options to choose from, but also several browsing and flipping options to quickly flick through the sites and find the one you’re looking for.

FoxTab offers six layouts, five 3-D directions, 12 predefined colors and scores of custom colors. If that isn’t enough to choose from, you can upload your own background image to make personalization complete.

You can choose between two modes: Interactive Mode, in which the appearance of FoxTab is determined, and Flip Mode, which enables you to easily flip between the tabs using mouse or keyboard gestures.

Adding sites to “My Top Sites” is done by adding a small but significant “+” sign to your toolbar. Then, go to your favorite sites and once you’re there, click on the “+”. Presto! Your site is now added to the Top Sites display. If you feel you’ve had enough of it and wish to downgrade that site, simply go its displayed tab, right click and choose “remove from Top Sites”, making room for your newest favorite.

FoxTab may have started off as a Firefox add-on, but it has since evolved on to a Chrome extension as well. You can choose to access it in several ways: through a toolbar button, with a mouse click or by a keyboard shortcut.

Apart from “My Top Sites”, FoxTab also features the “Recently Closed” tab, to quickly recover a website you were visiting without saving, as well as the “Opened Tabs”, to keep tabs, so to speak, on what you were browsing in your current session

With FoxTab, “My Top Sites” can be your default page every time you click on the New tab button. If that isn’t awesome enough, you can actually make it your homepage!

posted by Sam Summers