February 12

It’s Easy to Do Installations with installCore

Downloading software is not as easy as it seems. Top installation engines like installCore have made the process of downloading software almost an afterthought to most users.

We Use installCore to Distribute Our Software to Users Around the World

Foxtab is just one of many pieces of software utilizing installCore to handle their distribution. What’s the secret of its success? Apart from ease of use, installing with installCore ensures a trusted, secure downloading process.

As it turns out, the downloading process with most installers is not particularly secure. In fact, in the software distribution market, over 35% of installations fail. Most software publishers won’t get a second chance to deliver their software to a potential user–once the opportunity passes, the user isn’t coming back. That’s why it’s essential to get it right the first time.

So why did we choose to partner with installCore? The data speaks for itself; installcore boasts an installation success rate that sits 32% higher than the industry competition.

What Else Does installCore Offer to Publishers?

After successful installations, installCore also offers app publishers additional streams of revenue.  Free applications like Foxtab rely on creative ways of generating revenue, without annoying their users. We turned to installCore in part because we heard their PPI program was second to none.

Installations with other installers typically involve a bar inching across your screen. Oddly enough, during this brief download window users are unusually captive audiences. They are anxiously awaiting their new software. By monetizing our software downloads, we take advantage of installation time; an often-ignored aspect of the user experience.

installCore monetizes this precious user attention by implementing ads for other software in our download. They work with respectable, established advertisers who want to show their ads to high quality users. During installations of Foxtab, users see offers for other software that they can bundle into their primary download.

These ads are not randomly selected to appear during the download; they are actually chosen with extremely effective matching technology called Supertargeting.

installCore is setting the industry standard for ad matching with their Super Targeting algorithms. They track the success rates and user segmentation from over 150 million downloads every month, and then use this information to power the next round of installations. As you can imagine, installCore is getting pretty smart!

And it gets better. Their ad-serving capability is aided by a speedy algorithm called the Flow Automator. This amazing piece of technology adapts to optimize our revenues for every individual download.

During the installation, the Flow Automator decides which ads and offers to serve based on a variety of factors that change mid-download. For example, if a user decides to add an anti-virus software during their Foxtab download, then the following offer served by the Flow Automator might be for a firewall. This algorithm makes extremely sophisticated decisions in milliseconds that increase the chances a user will make extra downloads. And for us, extra downloads means higher PPI revenues.

The user benefits because they are exposed to relevant software, Foxtab and other publishers benefit from PPI revenue sharing. Everyone walks away with a pleasant download experience.

Other Tools for Advertisers

Before working with installCore, we never imagined we would be able to strengthen our brand during our installations. We always took the installation window for granted as just dead weight in the user experience.

But it turns out that does not have to be the case. Software publishers like us now have the freedom to brand our own installers. Even when other software companies are advertising during our installation, we can still customize and display our logo above the offers. Aside from spreading our brand image (which we want to do as much as possible), we also show our users that we are guiding them through the installation; we are never leave the front of their mind. As soon as download finishes, they can jump right in to their Foxtab experience with no interruptions in between.

installCore’s branded installers facilitate the entire download experience, from delivery to monetization. Their advanced delivery methods and inventive advertising solutions put them head and shoulders above the competition.

posted by Sam Summers