January 18

installCore: The Right Users at the Right Time

Ever since partnering with installCore, we have grown immensely as a company. Foxtab is a clever web organizational tool that fits neatly on top of your current browser. Not only does it help you navigate to your next web destination, it looks great too.


While we may humbly think that Foxtab can improve any browsing session, our tool may be more suited for some than for others. We understand that we can’t just cast an infinitely wide net and expect to get in touch with just the right potential audience–it takes a lot more than that to find our perfect users.

 installCore SuperTargeting

The issue of targeting is a big part of any web entrepreneur’s task of getting their software in just the right hands. And addressing this issue is precisely how installCore has elevated our business. They provided us with an ideal platform at locating and communicating with users that really have the Foxtab style, but who just don’t know about it yet.


installCore Super Targeting


Since we didn’t know exactly who our ideal user was, we decided to let installCore help with their Super Targeting technology. These types of advanced algorithms usually are not available to small groups of developers, so we were more than happy to take advantage of this amazing technology. So how did installCore’s technology help us expand our user base?

 installcore Targeting

installCore’s targeting algorithms learn, and they learn fast. Their job is to single out user segments based on a whole host of factors, and then supply them with software offers that fit them the best. These algorithms are so smart, that they can adapt during a single download. The offers made by the installCore Flow Automator are based on very specific measures. The software offers made to a single user could be entirely different than those made to another. installCore sorts through enormous amounts of data to give users exactly what they want, at just the right time.


With regards to different operating systems, installCore’s Mac solution was just what we needed. The Mac user demographic of the utmost importance to us. This kind of targeting is unmatched in the installation industry.


Separating from Other Installers


Installation platforms are a relatively simple technology to create, but very difficult to master. When we were figuring out which installer to use for our software, it became exceedingly clear that the installCore ad server was the only one that we would be using. We had no interest in partnering with a low quality installer that distributes malware or PuPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


It was obvious that many of the low quality installers were distributing nasty virus-ridden programs, and we didn’t want to be associated with these installers at all. But what’s more problematic from these nasty platforms is that we don’t want our users to distrust our brand in any way. What would you think as a user if when someone downloaded your product, they also installed a piece of malware or a virus? This would probably create the wrong impression.



We’re in the business of helping users make their way through the web in style. Our approach is one hundred percent based on user satisfaction. So of course, we can’t do anything to betray our users trust. Installers that distribute malware into user file servers (fs) will break that trust that is so vital to our business. That’s why we trust installCore to help us at Foxtab identify and communicate with our newest users.

 installCore PPI

posted by Uri Jacobson