Funmoods emoticons

Tons of online applications out there make it their business to create apps that excite and delight their users. With 6 layouts, customized themes, options for display perspectives (including 3D for goodness sakes!) – it’s pretty safe to say that FoxTab fits the bill. Foxtab focuses efforts and attention on creating a great product that’s useful and fun; transforming plain and boring multi-tabbed browsing into a visually graphic experience for all to enjoy.

If you like Foxtab, you'll LOVE Funmoods!

The internet experience can be wildly rich, vibrant and fun, or dry, boring, and blah. If you prefer the 2nd option, that's too bad. If you prefer fantastic fun, we'd like to recommend a great software tool called Funmoods that upgrades your interactive online experience to a whole new level! When you download Funmoods software you get access to 100s of fun, sweet, funny and zany emoticons and animations that can be easily added to your web-based interactions between you and your friends. It works within a huge range of internet environments and software types (like chat, social network chat, emails, forums and blogs), so that you can visually express or emphasize whatever's on your mind - almost anywhere.

Why so serious?

Personal interaction online with just text as your only vehicle for self-expression leaves much to be desired. And let's face it, how many :) can you type until you start feeling, well, :|? Text is fine for work, but with friends and family text just doesn't cut it, not even close.That's why Funmoods is there to help you express every mood you're feeling. Say you're chatting with a friend, and he writes something funny that demands a ninja-monkey slicing and dicing through the screen? Or let's say that you just wrote something kind of regrettable, and a blushing emoticon is the only thing to save you from dying of shame - have no fear, Funmoods has got you covered; it's the best web tool out there for showing exactly how you're feeling. Which honestly, isn't that what having close personal relationships is all about? Only with those closest to us can we share how we felt ("I got in!"), how we're feeling right now ("OOOooh YEAH!!"), and how we're going to feel ("Hope it doesn't suck…").

Safe, secure & awesome

Of course, Funmoods is a web software so it's important that you know that it's safe and secure. That means no adware, no spyware, no viruses, no nothing. You also don't need to register, give up any important info about yourself, reveal where you live, what you like to eat, which Star Wars chapter is your favorite - and best of all: Funmoods is totally FREE! (That's what makes it so awesome.)