Monthly Archives: February 2014
February 12

It’s Easy to Do Installations with installCore

Downloading software is not as easy as it seems. Top installation engines like installCore have made the process of downloading software almost an afterthought to most users.

We Use installCore to Distribute Our Software to Users Around the World

Foxtab is just one of many pieces of software utilizing installCore to handle their distribution. What’s the secret of its success? Apart from ease of use, installing with installCore ensures a trusted, secure downloading process.

As it turns out, the downloading process with most installers is not particularly secure. In fact, in the software distribution market, over 35%...

February 6

Kudos to MySearchDial

f you can’t have enough of browser extensions that organize your browsing tabs, we definitely recommend you check out MySearchDial. Although one of its features has some similarities with Foxtab – the ability to display your favorite sites in one, continuous, gorgeous layout – MySearchDial has more to offer.

For lovers of browser extensions like Foxtab, check out MySearchDial with its unique features

Take, for instance, the MySearchDial toolbar. With one click, you can access the most popular sites on the web, as you have the choice to search for videos, news, images and much more. This...

February 1

Keeping tabs on your favorite tabs with FoxTab

Any modern web user knows the plight of having multiple tabs open on their browser. Sometimes the browser simply runs out of tab space and can’t really display all the tabs running simultaneously. And don't get us started on how it slows down your computer.

FoxTab add-on helps you manage your favorite sites

FoxTab offers a simple, ingenious solution: a tab management add-on that's completely free. With FoxTab's "My Top Sites" tab, you can arrange all your favorite websites and access them in a new, exciting and intuitive way. FoxTab not only gives the user several display options to choose...